ASD Venicemarathon Club

Venicemarathon Club, was founded in 1985 with the intention of bringing a great event in the venetian athletics area: Venicemarathon, with its first edition May 18, 1986.
Over the years Venicemarathon Club has perfected the organization until became an International event. In over 30 years, the Club has many organizational national and international experiences  and supports the promotion of sports like an essential element for the growth and the education of young people.

18 years old founded the Venicemarathon Running Team, which takes part in the competitive Italian and foreign Federation of Athletics.

The Club believes in the combination of the message and the activities solidarity: since the beginning as supported numerous projects including Run for Unicef, Run For Water - Africa Mission, Accessible Venice, Bimbingamba.

Board Directors A.S.D. Venicemarathon Club
Piero ROSA SALVA, President
Stefano FORNASIER, Vice President
Claudio BORGHELLO, Vice President
Lorenzo CORTESI, General Secretary
Enrico JACOMINI, Past President
Mara CARRARO, Councitor
Riccardo ENZO, Councitor
Adriano PELLIZZON, Councitor
Ivano SACCHETTO, Councitor
Roberto, SOGGIU, Councitor


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