maglia_comunicato THE T-SHIRT IN DETAIL


A high quality and high value technical T-Shirt, which only Huawei Venicemarathon, thanks to the partnership with the Italian functional clothing brand UYN, is able to give all its participants. Only the T-Shirt costs 79 euros... WOW!!!

In true UYN style, the Visyon short-sleeved shirt combines functionality and comfort to produce exceedingly high quality. This special base layer was designed to an anatomical fit: everything, down to the last detail, supports and drives the movements of the body. That is why, at the upcoming Venice Marathon, we are providing a men’s and a women’s version, with specific fit and colours.

It’s not just a t-shirt: it’s a highly-technical shirt that can guide each runner towards a top performance. The exclusive Hypermotion system has eliminated all stitching around the shoulders. That, in turn, eliminates all the irritations or restrictions that might impede the arm movements typical in running. The innovative shape supports runners in adopting the right posture during physical activity.

Thermoregulation is another vital feature, especially during long running sessions. UYN has built highly advanced 3D technology into this shirt to generate a constant flow of air to the skin. In the areas where you sweat the most, the Drylight insert wicks away moisture and drives heat outwards. As a result, it keeps your body dry and at the right temperature, even after several miles, putting you in the condition to discover and unleash new levels of energy.

Runners who took part in the last Venicemarathon, taking on rain, wind and high water, turned out to an epic day. Many of them chose to run in the UYN shirt included in their race pack. We believe there is no better proof of the quality of UYN products: ideal for all conditions, even the most extreme.

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